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The fishing vessel Salty Lewer in Perkins Cove




About The Boat

The Salty Lewer I is a 2021 25 ft. Sportsman with a 425hp motor, Garmin electronics and radar and fish finder, EPIRB, VHS radios, 2 live wells, and trolling a motor. Fast, with a comfortable ride to get you out to the fishing grounds. The fishing vessel (F/V) Salty Lewer features hard-top dodger and ample padded seating for passengers and ample deck space for reeling in your hook-ups.

Our second vessel, the Salty Lewer II, is a 23 ft Sportsman with a 250hp motor with Simrad electronics, radar and fish finder, VHF radio, and two 2 live wells, and all U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) approved safety equipment including USCG-approved life jackets on board for all passengers.    

The fishing vessel Salty Lewer in Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine


Perkins Cove Striper Fishing Charters

Capt. Bryan Lewer aboard the fishing vessel Salty Lewer off the coast of Ogunquit


Capt. Bryan Lewer

Capt. Bryan Lewer wasn’t actually born holding a fishing rod, but he has had a rod virtually glued to his hand most of his life! Beginning as a child he had a wonder for the rich bountiful marine life found along the coasts of Maine and Florida. An avid angler, he is lured to the Atlantic in search of fish and to indulge his affinity for nature from the coast of Maine to Florida. Capt. Bryan has been mentored by some of the finest captains in Maine and has acquired extensive inshore and deep-sea fishing experience. His passion for fishing is contagious, making a charter on the Salty Lewer truly unforgettable.

US Coast Guard licensed captain logo
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Capt. Bryan has been a USCG licensed captain and Registered Maine tidewater fishing guide for more than 12 years. What he enjoys most about charter fishing is sharing his love of fishing with children and adults alike and sharing the exhilaration of hooking into a striper, and the rugged beauty of the waters off the coast of Ogunquit and southern Maine.

Maine captain Bryan Lewer releasing fish


Meet Perkins Cove 03907 

Perkins Cove is a perennial respite for generations of Ogunquit visitors. "The Cove" is home to charter fishing adventures aboard the Salty Lewer. It is also a special place to spend a day. Imagine darling shops and galleries with views of boats gently bobbing on the meandering tidal waters, and dining on quintessential Maine fare like steamed lobster with drawn butter while watching frothy waves roll into Oarweed Cove, and skipping over the only wooden foot drawbridge in Maine, or strolling the iconic Marginal Way with sweeping views of the Atlantic and briny waves dancing off the rocks, or indulging in the simple summer pleasure of Maine saltwater taffy and handmade ice cream on a warm summer day. Your charter on Salty Lewer Charter Fishing can be part of a wonderful day spent creating family memories in Perkins Cove.

schooling fish underwater

FAQ's About Salty Lewer Charters

  • Is the pricing per charter trip?
    Yes, the price includes a private charter for up to 4 guests. We can accommodate 6 passengers; there is a per person price for the 5th and 6th passengers.
  • What time of day is best to fish?
    The best times for fishing are at around sunrise and in late afternoon. It’s your day on the water; let us tailor a trip for your best fishing experience.
  • Where is the Salty Lewer docked?
    Our meeting place is on the main dock in Perkins Cove, in Ogunquit, Maine.
  • Parking:
    PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME FOR PARKING IN JUNE, JULY, & AUGUST. There is parking available in 3 local parking lots: one at the entrance to Perkins Cove, one across from Barnacle Billy’s Etc., and one in the heart of The Cove. Staying in town? Why not grab the Ogunquit Trolley or let The Ogunquit Shuttle Cart bring you to Perkins Cove.
  • What are the booking and cancellation policies?
    A deposit in the amount of $50 is required to confirm your reservation. Should you need to cancel please provide 48 hours’ notice prior to the charter time for a full refund of your deposit, or you can ask to use the deposit toward a future trip during the same month. No shows and cancellations that are made with less than 48 hours' notice prior to the charter are not refundable.
  • Cancellations due to mechanical & weather.
    A full refund will be issued if the captain needs to cancel a charter trip due to weather and/or ocean conditions or unforeseen mechanical issues.
  • Fuel surcharge information:
    Due to fluctuations of the cost of fuel, Salty Lewer Charter Fishing may impose a nominal fuel surcharge for a charter(s) as/if needed.
  • Children: What ages are suited to fishing charters and scenic cruises?
    Most Salty Lewer charters are appropriate for children ages 7 and older. And our family fishing trips are designed especially for those age 4 and older. Please note: We do NOT accept reservations or have appropriate charters for children less than 4 years of age and will not permit boarding of parties with any children younger than 4 years of age.
  • Are there restroom (head) facilities on board the Salty Lewer?
    There are no restrooms on board the Salty Lewer. There are public restrooms in the back of Perkins Cove. And, since we fish mostly close to shore, "inshore," the captain can bring the boat back to the dock briefly for a restroom break as/if needed.
  • Public restrooms in Perkins Cove:
    Public restrooms are located in the back of Perkins Cove just past the Perkins Cove foot drawbridge.
  • Can I bring food, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages on board the Salty Lewer?
    Food, Snacks & Soft Drinks: Please bring any food― sandwiches, nuts, chips, fruit, (but no bananas), in a bag or small personal cooler. We suggest you bring water or soft beverages to stay hydrated. Alcohol, beer & wine: Yes. For the comfort and safety of all we have a ‘please drink responsibly’ mandate. Should an issue with consumption arise the captain reserves the right to close out the charter early and return to the dock.
  • Can I bring a cooler?
    Small personal coolers are welcome on board. Larger coolers may be kept on the dock until we return to shore.
  • Can we stay out longer than the charter fishing trip we booked?
    Maybe! Check in with Capt. Bryan as to the availability of an additional hour, or more, of fishing. Rates for additional time will be quoted upon availability.
  • What if I suffer from seasickness?
    If you sometimes suffer seasickness, we suggest you take medication prior to your charter. You may want to consider a non-drowsy formulas of OTC motion sickness medication.
  • Loss or damage of Salty Lewer Gear:
    In the unlikely event that our rods, reels, or other gear is damaged due to any charter passengers gross negligence, we reserve the right to charge a fee for such instance to replace loss or irreparably damaged items.
  • Drug Policy:
    Federal law prohibits any drug possession, including medically approved cannabis aboard the vessel.
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